I have always been an absolutely massive fan of The Last Airbender, and loved seeing the series grow and mature. I felt an immediate connection with characters, and was dragged in, episode after episode, more or less obsessed. I still share massive love for the series, and I'm sure all of us were extremely excited for The Legend of Korra, the sequel to the amazing series, Avatar: The Last Airbender. When it was made, it was inevitable that people would compare it to the series before it. I'd decided to wait until I'd watched a good amount of episodes before I wrote some sort of comparison. I think nine is enough, so here we go-

The beginning of The Last Airbender was very mysterious, but also fun and a good introduction to the theme and plot of the series. You were introduced to main characters Katara, Sokka and then Aang and the nature of their relationships. It also showed off the Fire Nation armies and the general idea of the war. In The Legend of Korra, we are shown straight off of the bat that Korra is 16 or so, and she is already a great Water-Bender, Earth-Bender and Fire-Bender, but is struggling with Air-Bending. It was great (for me at least) to see one of the characters I had fallen in love with (not literally, but I'm sure you know what I mean xD) return, at 85 years old. Maybe it started off a bit slow, but I got the idea quick enough. I think I had more fun in the beginning of The Last Airbender than when I was first shown Korra, but maybe that was just a bit of skepticism.

The circumstances that Aang was under were immense, and a massive challeng to end the 100 year war. In Korra, it was more of a different fight, one that isn't just battling and fighting, it was to do with riots, revolts and people wanting equalism. This was an interesting idea, and one that you wouldn't usually see in a show like this. I was intrigued by Amon and his chi blockers, and wanted to know more. Of course, in ATLA, there were several different enemies with different motives, and that was also interesting to me. I think the enemies in ATLA were more fleshed out, but there may be something like this in later Korra episodes.

The characters in ATLA were incredible. Just incredible, I loved them to bits, and still do. They were so deep and there was a massive amount of character developement, the characters matured so well, their interaction was great...I could go one for ages. There was so much to them and they were so likeable. I'm sad to say that I can't say the same thing for LoK characters. I'm finding it hard to connect with them, and I must say I'm not really liking them. Mako is a massive jerk, and though he can be cool, his vibe really annoys me (especially the way he acted in episode nine. RIGHT IN FRONT OF ASAMI? REALLY?). While Bolin is a likeable character, he isn't nearly as charming as Sokka (I hate to directly compare characters, but meh) , and it seems that he is kind of one-sided (though I'm hoping they will explore his character more). Korra is a nice change to the personality of the characters, but sometimes she can be annoyingly stubborn. Still an interesting character, and I liked when she confessed to Tenzin that she was scared, that was a great scene. All in all, I could go on forever about the characters from ATLA, Korra characters just can't compare

. Another aspect is shipping. I was a very active (hyper-active, even) shipper in ATLA. I went Kataang from the very beginning, and the interaction there was a defining characteristic for me. I was delighted at the series end and The Promise Trilogy is absolutely fabulous (who's looking forward to Part 3?). In Korra, I'm really not feeling it. I'm not shipping at all, I just don't know why. There is a good range of "ships" and debates are really heated on the Wiki, and there is a good love "square" going on in the show. But for me, I can't do it. It's probably because I'm annoyed with Mako (the center of the square if you ask me) and I'm not absolutely loving the characters, I've decided not to ship. ATLA wins this by a land-slide in my opinion (key words, MY OPINION).

All in all, I consider Avatar: The Last Airbender one of my favourite shows of all time, and Korra has some catching up to do if it wants to challenge it. If you want me to go over another aspect of the shows, comment down below. I'm not looking to start any flame-wars, so keep it civilised :D

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