Okay guys. I didn't have a lot of time for adding on to the show but here it is.

Avatar: The Twin Legacy

Avatar 1

ü  Powers: Fire (Lightening) and Air

ü  Favorite Avatar: Aang

ü  Influenced by: Aang

ü  Comical in general; Serious at important times

ü  Really connected with his spiritual side

ü  Decisive yet thinks through everything

ü  Reluctant to be the Avatar

ü  Creative

ü  Has visions frequently

Avatar 2

Ø  Powers: Water and Earth (metal)

Ø  Favorite Avatar: Korra

Ø  Influenced by: Korra

Ø  Comical at all times

Ø  Struggle connecting to his spiritual side

Ø  Tomboy

Ø  Eager to be the Avatar

Ø  Creative

Black Lotus


§  Want to take over the world

§  Black Lotus use brainwashing to control people that get in there way

§  They use brutally use force

§  Want the Avatars gone forever so they can rule the world or else they cannot. For the Avatar Cycle to end, the Avatars have to die in the Avatar State.

§  Black Lotus realizes that Aang had to stop only the Fire Nation; Korra had to stop the Equalists and Amon; and Avatar Kyoshi had to stop Chin the Conqueror. Black Lotus thinks that if all four nations are at war, they can eliminate the Avatar.

§  The Avatars encounter the Black Lotus as one group at the end of Season 1 finale.








§  Northern and Southern Water tribe and Northern Air Temple try to break up the fight

§  Northern Water tribe joins the Earth Kingdom

§  Black Lotus brainwashes Northern Water tribe to fight

§  {C}Black Lotus fails to make the Southern Water tribe join the Fire Nation or the Earth Kingdom





§  {C}The Avatars have to fight the Black Lotus and almost the rest of the world.

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