I have started updating and make my show more awesome. There will be new techniques, new friends, new enemies, old friends, old characters, and much more. There might even be a new style of bending! After I write my show out, I might make a new website to put all this info on it. The show will be called Avatar: The Twin Legacy. Comment whether that is a good name for the show.

Here is the short summary of the show:

The twin Avatars have been sent to learn their bending. One can bend fire and air while the other can bend water and earth. They have to work together to save the world from the Black Lotus and stop the World War.

I am going to bring back brainwashing, Aang, Korra, Chi Blocking, the Kyoshi Warriors, and epic battles! This show will be awesome! (But the orginals will be the best).

Stay Tuned for updates.

Does anyone have input on new names for characters for my new show. Very important. I will use the names. I also need names for the Avatars. The two most liked names will be in my show. Post the name as a comment on any of my blog updates and if someone likes a name, reply to the comment saying "LIKE". Thank you everyone.

TwinAvatars (wallcontribs) 21:18, November 6, 2012 (UTC)TwinAvatars

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