Does anyone have input on new names for characters for my new show. Very important. Names that are not will be used for other characters. The two most liked names for the Avatars will be the winners.


  • The names should be Chinese-esque or Japanese-y name. Traditional names would be appreciated.
  • Enter as many as you wish.
  • Appropriate names
  • Easy to say or a nickname
  • Mention for what character it is for.


  1. There has to be 2 male names for the twin Avatars. The next Avatars are from the Earth Kingdom.
  2. An Earthbender (male)
  3. A Firebender (female)
  4. A brother and sister who can't bend
  5. A female from Aang's legacy who is an Airbender (female)
  6. A Kyoshi Warrior (female)
  7. The Fire Lord (male)
  8. Earth King (male)
  9. Leader of the Black Lotus who is a firebender and earthbender (male)
  10. 2nd Black Lotus member who is a firebender (female)

Post the name as a comment on any of my blog updates and if someone likes a name, reply to the comment saying "LIKE". Thank you everyone.

Stay Tuned for Updates.

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