• I live in in the Avatar World.
  • My occupation is making an epic show.
  • I am the Twin Avatars
  • TwinAvatars

    Okay guys. I didn't have a lot of time for adding on to the show but here it is.

    Avatar: The Twin Legacy

    Avatar 1

    ü  Powers: Fire (Lightening) and Air

    ü  Favorite Avatar: Aang

    ü  Influenced by: Aang

    ü  Comical in general; Serious at important times

    ü  Really connected with his spiritual side

    ü  Decisive yet thinks through everything

    ü  Reluctant to be the Avatar

    ü  Creative

    ü  Has visions frequently

    Avatar 2

    Ø  Powers: Water and Earth (metal)

    Ø  Favorite Avatar: Korra

    Ø  Influenced by: Korra

    Ø  Comical at all times

    Ø  Struggle connecting to his spiritual side

    Ø  Tomboy

    Ø  Eager to be the Avatar

    Ø  Creative

    Black Lotus


    §  Want to take over the world

    §  Black Lotus use brainwashing to control people that get in there way

    §  They use brutally use force

    §  Want the Avatars gone forever…

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  • TwinAvatars


    November 8, 2012 by TwinAvatars

    Does anyone have input on new names for characters for my new show. Very important. Names that are not will be used for other characters. The two most liked names for the Avatars will be the winners.

    • The names should be Chinese-esque or Japanese-y name. Traditional names would be appreciated.
    • Enter as many as you wish.
    • Appropriate names
    • Easy to say or a nickname
    • Mention for what character it is for.

    1. There has to be 2 male names for the twin Avatars. The next Avatars are from the Earth Kingdom.
    2. An Earthbender (male)
    3. A Firebender (female)
    4. A brother and sister who can't bend
    5. A female from Aang's legacy who is an Airbender (female)
    6. A Kyoshi Warrior (female)
    7. The Fire Lord (male)
    8. Earth King (male)
    9. Leader of the Black Lotus who is a firebender and earthbender …

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  • TwinAvatars

    New Show Update 1

    November 6, 2012 by TwinAvatars

    I have started updating and make my show more awesome. There will be new techniques, new friends, new enemies, old friends, old characters, and much more. There might even be a new style of bending! After I write my show out, I might make a new website to put all this info on it. The show will be called Avatar: The Twin Legacy. Comment whether that is a good name for the show.

    Here is the short summary of the show:

    The twin Avatars have been sent to learn their bending. One can bend fire and air while the other can bend water and earth. They have to work together to save the world from the Black Lotus and stop the World War.

    I am going to bring back brainwashing, Aang, Korra, Chi Blocking, the Kyoshi Warriors, and epic battles! This show will b…

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  • TwinAvatars

    Avatar World

    July 20, 2012 by TwinAvatars

    Here I come to the Avatar World! One day, I am bored out of my mind when I say, "Lets see Avatar: The Last Airbender." I saw the whole series in a few days and I absolutely love it. It had a great plot, characters, and it had one thing that many shows don't, adventure. Many say they have adventure but they don't. The characters were excellent. I felt every characters feeling like I was them. This show is phenomenal and I got sooooooo sad when I finished it. So I started making my own show idea to pitch it to Nick. My show idea will be awesome.

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