Well with 2009 drawing to a close, SuperFlash and I have decided to each make a list of the top 10 fanon chapters written this year. And here are mine

  1. Eruption (Better World) It was a fun read and kept me on the edge oif my seat the entire time. The battle between Aang and Yino was simply epic.
  2. Ambush of the South Pt. Two - Counterstrike (Avatar: Guardian) A great end to book one of Guardian. Ties up everything nicely and had a terrific resolution
  3. The Greatest Earthbender (Avatar: The Spirit War) A wonderful work of literature and the greatest earthbending battle I have read.
  4. Battle at Kein Forest, Part 2 (Kyoshi Revolts) Great description of the battle on every front and a wonderful plot twist at the end of the chapter, leaves a terrific opening for the rest of the story.
  5. These Three Spirits (Kyoshi Revolts) By far one of the darkest of Kyoshi Revolts' chapters, and also introduces some truly sick characters in the form of torturous spirits.
  6. Trials of the Black Lotus (Avatar: Wanted) One of the only chapters to go into the background of Book 1's mysterious antagonist/protagonist Nero, This is still one of my favorite chapters and one of the funnest to write.
  7. Ugly Revenge (The Phoenix Chronicles) All around great chapter with the timely introduction of a new antagonist named Ravena who is both agile and brutal.
  8. Clash of Worlds, Part 2: Kyoshi Revolts down right hilarious non stop laughter from start to finish, need I say more?
  9. Final Encounter Part Two: Truths (Avatar: Wanted) The climax of my first book in Wanted. Nero's secrets are finally revealed and his plans both cease and begin.
  10. The Last Chance (Enemies and Traitors) The second to last chapter of Manzai's Fan Fic Enemies and Traitors finally brings the war torn brothers together for one more battle.

Any questions or comments?

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