It's been about a year since I made a list like this. But with the year coming to close I suppose now is a good a time as any for the list. These are in no particular order, each one is just as good as the other in my eyes.

  1. Bathe With the Dogs (Better World): Two great fight scenes, introduction to some interesting baddies. All in all great chapter.
  2. Ursa's Story (Guardian): A nice summary of what Ursa did once she was banished. Also conviently released around the same time as my version.
  3. Escape Part 1: Shards of Glass (Alone): Here we finally see the result of years of planning by Leah come to fruition.
  4. Born Under Dirt (Kyoshi Revolts): Introduces a crazy psychopath who's shares some similar traits with one of my guys. Also very funny parts with a comatose Chen in a sewer.
  5. The Wall, Part 3: Apollo (My Own Savior): This chapter's a real tear jerker. Iroh is captured perfectly, shows how Lu Ten is killed.
  6. Payback (Wanted): I personally had alot of fun writing this chapter. It's very entertaining writing for a crazy guy like Gao. It's even funner having him fight a guy who really doesn't like him.
  7. The Airbending Master (Guardian): Nice chapter with Aang learning both the final level of Airbending and how to generate lightning.
  8. Clash of Worlds 3, Part 1: Better World Created mainly in response to the tragedy known as The Last Airbender, it gave several fanon authors an excuse to be goofy. Also hilarious moments through out this part, my favorite was when Lian and Mitsuki get into several different fan wars.
  9. Murder Inc. (Kyoshi Revolts): Guest chapter written by The avatar. Giu and Chen are forced to get jobs and have a few hijinks, also great cliffhanger.
  10. The Airbending Slicer (Wanted): Another chapter I had fun with. Finally got to show the move Tengu made to earn his tattoos and master status.

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