Assassination by OFGeneral

There shall be blood... among other things

With Spring Break coming up next week, for my school at least I came to the realization that I'm going to have plenty of free time. In addition as you all know Wanted was delayed for a while, giving me plenty of thinking time. So I've decided that every day next week I'm going to upload a new chapter of Wanted until White Earth is finished.

But because I don't want you guys to be in the dark with what will be put up, and because I don't want spoil anything I shall give you a very brief, and vague synopsis of what will be going down.

Family ties will be discovered, trust will be built and destroyed, at least one traitor will be dealt with, and remember that black stone from the end of book 2? Well that thing will finally be explained (feel free to guess what it is, but know that I will not reveal it until the time is right.) So hope you start looking forward to next week, I know I will.

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