Tengu v1

His life just gets better and better.

Well as it turns out I'm guest writing the next chapter of My Own Savior, a story started by Dragon of the West to explore the background of my own character Tengu. Now if you've been following the story you would know that Tengu's had a hellish life. From losing his entire family, to winding up in prison for five years, to joining an elite group of assassins, and finally having his best and only friend killed while saving his life. When we last saw Tengu he had just left the order that had trained him for no other purpose than for turning him to a lethal weapon. So now the question rises. How does Tengu adapt to life outside the organization of brutal killers he called home for years? The answer is not very well at all... at least at first.

The chapter opens with Tengu fighting an execution squad sent by the Black Lotus, this particular group goes by the name The Sons of Koh, and they are by far one of the most dangerous opponents he's faced. To make a long story short, they fight, he almost dies but is saved by a family who nurses him back to health. He grows very close to the family and even marries into it. Naturally though this is where things go horribly awry and everything is taken from him... again. I'll spare you the details but by the end of the chapter Tengu's life is once again in shambles.

So there's the basic plot summery. Expect Pursuit of Peace to be out by the end of the week.

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