Shadowed Katara

Alone: Avatar's version of X-Men and Jumper rolled into one convient package

Okay well this is my first review blog, and I'm doing this for the Fanon story Alone by Millennia2. On with the review!

Alone isn't your typical Avatar fanfiction, it doesn't take place in the Avatar Universe. Instead it takes place in our universe, where benders are imprisoned for their abilities in an effort to let normal people live their lives in peace. A group known as the Bending Defense Agency or BDA relentlessly hunt down any bender they can find and either imprison or kill them. Even the avatar is among the hunted.

The story begins with the death of the second avatar, Joel Matthews, who is killed in a massive explosion that not only kills him but also destroys a nearby town. This prolouge chapter serves to both show the reader the conflict between benders and the BDA and also shows exactly how far the BDA will go in order to have their way. The story then moves to the birth of the next avatar a girl named Leah Sanchez. After her mother dies immediatly following her birth, she's adopted by her nurse who cares for Leah as her own daughter for the next 12 years.

During that time the BDA found out that Leah was the new avatar, and arranged for her to meet with an accident while out boating. The result of the BDA's actions was Leah forcing herself into the Avatar State. Once Leah realized what she was she tried running away from home because she was afraid her adoptive mother would treat her like a freak for the rest of her life. Unfortuantely the BDA was waiting for her to try and moved in to capture her. After a brief but no less brutal fight Leah is captured and taken to a prison specifically designed to detain benders.

During her time in the prison known as Uluru, a place where benders are allowed to "live" their lives in peace under the condition that they try not to escape, Leah is introduced to several other benders who help train her in mastering the elements. She spends the next four years planning to escape but is unable to come up with a way to get past the prisons various defenses. After a week long "parole" to Alice Springs, Austrailia, Leah finally discovers a way to escape, glassbending. Using her new abilities Leah succeeds where her previous two incarnations failed and escapes. Currently she's on her way to New York to meet up with a colony of airbenders to finish her training.

All in all Alone offers a truly unique story for avatar lovers. The chapters are short but fun to read, the conflict is different than most fan fictions and could possibly serve as a preview to Legend of Korra, what with the whole Anti-Benders thing and all.

Overall grade: A

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