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April 22, 2009
  • Twilitlink

    From now on the previews for my future chapters shall be written blog form. So enjoy, comment on what you like, or don't like. And for those who will inevitbaly ask me, the chapter will be done when it's done, no sooner, no later.

    When Genesis awoke the next morning he had the worst, not to mention first, hangover of his life. His head throbbed, his vision was blurry, his ears were ringing, and he wasn’t one hundred percent sure of what transpired the night before but he was fairly certain that it was Fut’s fault. Speaking of whom.

    “Fut.” He groaned rolling off his bed onto the dusty floor, “Fut wake up.” No response came from Fut’s bed so Genesis slowly pulled himself to his feet, careful not to rise too suddenly. “Fut, get your ass out of …

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  • Twilitlink

    Well the title pretty much says it all now doesn't it, but finally it's happened. After two years Wanted is finished and I can move on. It's been a riot my friends and many a laughs have been had but it's time to brush the dust off the Last Energybender and explore the birth of the first avatar. In order to wet your whistles, so to speak, here's an excript from an oncoming chapter: Adversaries, enjoy.

    “How did we end up in this situation?” Genesis quietly asked Fut as they tried to remain hidden from Choy. The firebender had been dogging them for days, getting closer and closer to catching them with each passing hour. Today he’d finally caught up to them and the two had just managed to lose him in a cavern. Problem was now they were lost in…

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  • Twilitlink

    I'm Back.

    March 29, 2011 by Twilitlink

    After a extremely brutal case of writers block, and apparently causing people to think I've become deceased, gotta love the internet, I have returned. Seriously I never understood that rule, you don't post for awhile and people assume it's because you are no longer among the living. It's never vacation, or something pleasant, always death.

    Anywho, End Game is finally released so please read and tell me what you think.

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  • Twilitlink

    It's been about a year since I made a list like this. But with the year coming to close I suppose now is a good a time as any for the list. These are in no particular order, each one is just as good as the other in my eyes.

    1. Bathe With the Dogs (Better World): Two great fight scenes, introduction to some interesting baddies. All in all great chapter.
    2. Ursa's Story (Guardian): A nice summary of what Ursa did once she was banished. Also conviently released around the same time as my version.
    3. Escape Part 1: Shards of Glass (Alone): Here we finally see the result of years of planning by Leah come to fruition.
    4. Born Under Dirt (Kyoshi Revolts): Introduces a crazy psychopath who's shares some similar traits with one of my guys. Also very funny parts wi…
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  • Twilitlink

    Wanted Death Poll

    November 14, 2010 by Twilitlink

    Well with the end of Wanted coming to it's end soon, I've decided to try something out. I'm going to ask you who you think is going to die. I won't give any hints, or let your guesses influence me in any way, but I would like to see who you all either suspect is going to die, or possibly who you want to die. My only hint is this, people from both sides are going to die, both Team Avatar and their allies, and the Black Lotus Assassins are going to suffer losses.

    So that's all for now. Who do you think is going kick the bucket? I eagerly wait for your responses.

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