• TurtleofOmashu

    As I was watching the very first episode of Legend of Korra again one of the lines hit me. Spoken by the White Lotus Leader " Avatar Aang entitled us to keep you here to finish your training" or something along those lines. The order also states that Korra lacks the spiritual side of being an avatar. 

    There is a correlation.

    Unlike all the past avatars, Korra wasnt able to visit the rest of the world for her training. She isnt able to discover new places, make new friends, harnest new skills ect... That adventuring is easily a problem with her spiritual side. She has had no way to connect to the world in which an avatar must be able to do.

    I dont see how Aang missed this. 

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  • TurtleofOmashu

    Hey Avatar Nation, Turtle here. I figured out of all the people the true fans would be able to help me on this. Down below is my college admissions essay and the topic is discuss one of your favroite things, so of course I chose ATLA. I'm asking you to read it and give your thoughts. Note I am only allowed two paragraphs so I had to make this very broad. Please don't look for grammer mistakes unless they are major. Just comment on what you think of it and if I should delete or add some more. I was trying to explain the reasoning through example and detail then at the end of the paragraph tieing it back to me.

    Thank you and enjoy:

    Earth, Fire, Water, Air. These four elements are supposed to be a harmonious alliance between the nations but ins…

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  • TurtleofOmashu

    Water, Earth, Fire, Air. Long ago the dragons and humans lived together in harmony, but then everthing changed when Alduin attacked. Only the Dragonborn master of all 4 elemental magics, could stop him. But when Skyrim needed him most, he vanished. Thousands of years past and me and the Jarl discoverd a new Dragonborn, a Dark Elf named Biorn and although his Thu'ms are great he has much to learn before he can save anyone, but I believe Biorn can save the world.

    Dovahkin: The Last Daedra

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  • TurtleofOmashu

    The title says it all, it is a simple question.

    If you were a bender of any type, what would you do with the power. And be honest.

    No being the avatar though, thats cheating :)


    If I was a firebender then I would most likely use it lamely, like quickly heat up food.

    Waterbender; I would heal my scars and wounds, and smack people with water like a wet noodle:P

    Airbender: I would be the biggest troll ever

    Earthbender: Trip people :)


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  • TurtleofOmashu

    First thing first. The gentics are based of Rh factor and Multiple Alleles ( which I dont even know can coexist) but I havent done much of biological research just show research and shower thinking. Ok thanks.

    Edit: I feel need to mention (to clear some confusion), Not everything in the Avatar world can be explained with biology that is why I had to put the spirts into some of this, for without the spirits bending would not exist in the first place.

    Edit: This theory is excluding factors that could change how powerful a bender they are; such as, enviromental factors, and mutations (except for the avatar). Also it's the assumption that once the child is born the parents are aware that the child is a bender

    MAJOR CHANGES COMING: Reason being, I…

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