The Search Part One cover

Why did they let Azula out of her straightjacket? Another question I'm dying to know!

Reading the last book of The Promise has done certain things to my health. I've had to get on my knees and pick up the pieces of my blown out mind after finding out that it was our darling Uncle Iroh that first concocted pearl milk tea. Now I realise I shouldn't have been too shocked, because after all, the man has always been revolutionary. I also dislocated my jaw after it dropped on the floor when I first saw Azula's bright, psychotic, amber eyes staring at Zuko. It was a strange mix of ecstasy and horror to see our favourite Fire Nation Princess turn nuttier than Courtney Love. The straightjacket was a fantastic touch, too. Simply put, the comic was amazing, just like its predecessors.

The only possible downside is that I'm probably going to kill myself waiting for the first part of The Search to come out. I went through a similar dilemma during the breaks between the Promise books, where I found myself walking around aimlessly contemplating the fate of my favourite gang of heroes and what crazy shenanigans they'd get themselves involved in during the next book. I find myself in an agonizing state of curiousity and frankly I lose all control of myself. I've been told I toss and turn every night moaning, 'Ursa...Ursa...Where ARE you, woman!'

How are you guys coping with the wait? I'm normally never so impatient, but when its as good as Avatar, I can't help myself. The wait for LoK 2 is just as killer!

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