I want to point some more things out comparing ATLA vs TLA...I examined on Avatar Wiki that most fans do indeed want a reboot of TLA film(most of us do)..I made this post to point out fails throughout TLA film. I have pointed out some fails In the movie but not all of them I fount from viewing the movie. I'm not trying to post a king load of video's xD..But my main reason for posting this Is that, If Paramount choose to ignore the fans/critics says regarding TLA film, we are in for a fail sequel indeed. If we continue to use the directer we have,some cast members,script. where In for a epic fail sequel, why I say that just look what I posted below.

Agni Kai This was not in the movie but WHY not? This was one important scene to show how Zhao and Zuko was both rivals and both was on a hunt to capture the Avatar(Sorry this video is embedded)

  • The Firenation soldier Whirl Kick stunt...He jumps and whirl kicks and falls for no reason he DOESN'T even make contact with anyone Fail

  • Nicola Peltz acts if she's bout to have a heart attack or a seizer while talking..her face does not stop shaking..and if she says HE one more time..Fail

  • Zhao's stance. What kind of stance is this if your going to preprepare for a duel. Zhao was suppose to have a stance based off Shaolin Kung Fu Fail

  • Northern Water Tribe War Call..What kind of poor call is this? seriously? whats the point of looking like a bunch of zombies smacking your spear up and down on from the ground if you cant even HEAR it...sad...lame pathetic....Fail

  • The Pebble Dance We all know that was one of the worst scenes in the movie...the acting was bad and they did NOT even perform any type of Hung Ga martial arts..How can you earthbend without performing the martial arts??? Fail

(Sifu Kisu RIGHT)
I can go on and on and many flops and fails...Im telling you if the film is greenlighted with the same director,cast,crew, etc. where truly in for a Fail Sequel...
  • Zuko Vs Katara
How is it even possible? Katara should have just put out Zuko's torch instead of letting Zuko continuously attack her. She had enough water to put out his torch before he dropped it on the ground Fail

My view on this movie is about the same here(WARNING Violent Language) I truly hope this sequel is not greenlighted.

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