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    I want to point some more things out comparing ATLA vs TLA...I examined on Avatar Wiki that most fans do indeed want a reboot of TLA film(most of us do)..I made this post to point out fails throughout TLA film. I have pointed out some fails In the movie but not all of them I fount from viewing the movie. I'm not trying to post a king load of video's xD..But my main reason for posting this Is that, If Paramount choose to ignore the fans/critics says regarding TLA film, we are in for a fail sequel indeed. If we continue to use the directer we have,some cast members,script. where In for a epic fail sequel, why I say that just look what I posted below.

    Agni Kai This was not in the movie but WHY not? This was one important scene to show how Zhao a…

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  • TruAvatarFan

    Funny, The Firebenders was the most threating and powefull Nation thought out the 4 Nation's, Deadly, Violent,uncontrollable. human flametwohers, and there ability to make machines and weaponry was even worse. In the Movie The Last FailBender basically they look like the weakest and sorriest nation their is...MNS truly took this away...

    Back in Earth prsion camp lets go back to the series

    Series: Eartbender's could not bend metal only earth so it was basically hopeless to try and fight off the Fire Nation soldiers, they would have been walking towards there own demise. In till Aang shot up the coal for their aid.

    Movie: No excuse how those lame Firebenders kept those earthbenders locked up. And most of them were soilders who codnt firebend(had…

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