My idea for a new character (possibly villain)

(btw im new to wikia so i have no idea what im really suppose to do) 

Through extra-terrestrial means, a man from "our world/universe" visits the Avatar universe. coincidently enough he gains bending powers upon reaching to this new world he has entered, and even more coincedently enough he just happens to be a modern day chemist. With knowledge of modern world chemistry and one of the four bending powers he eventually becomes one of the most powerful benders. He has knowledge and deeper understanding of the real chemistry of elements, and he extensivley knows what the substences he is manipulating really are. He is able to pull off bending skills that are totally unfamiliar to the rest of the "Avatar world".

so there we go! what do you guys think? just for clarification i'm nowhere near a chemist, so if this idea is to be developed i'll probably need some consultants =)

I'm thinking this would make for an interesting character, possibly the potential to have a whole season centred around him (or her). Im also Thinking about this character being a villain since considering Korra's enemy roadcall i don't think something like this would be too far fetched, (i mean we've had equality terrorist, Avatars equivillant to Satan, Avatar's equivillant to Bane, and recently female metal bending Hitler/Stalin) 

i don't really know which bending powers he should have. Water seems to be a pretty good one but i'm hesitant to limit potentials at the moment, hopefully some of you guys can help me out on this. I probably thinking about writing a fanfiction around this, and i would really appreciate if people could share your thoughts and ideas on this. Thanks ;)  

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