I have been exploring the fanon portal and I see an unimaginable about  of talent, it is truly incredible! I also see alot of people looking for some revisons of their pieces, and pieces that need revision. I'm no master writer or grammer nazi, but im willing to look over anyone's story if they'd like, but my main reason for posting this is canon revision! I see alot of great writing talent and creativity, but also alot of problems with the realistic side of the story (well as realistic as avatar can get i suppose.) I'm very good at information and researching and I know the series information inside and out. That probably sounds very douchey, but I have to sell myself! haha. So basically what im saying is that if you would like me to look over one of your fanons, wether it is already posted or not, about how accurate the story line is, I am more then willing to help! Just message me here :)

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