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Attraction to Cartoon Characters??

So I have never disscussed this before but I will share this deep, dark secret with you: I sometimes thing characters are attractive. Like wtf they are cartoon?! But hey I can't help it, I think Mako is sexy, and Bolin adorable! Its weird I know, but I want to know how wierd it is, so tell me... just between us... have u ever been attracted to character in Avatar of Legend of Korra? I am so embarassed to even be admitting this but I must be honest. I dont do any weird stuff like.... I mean i dont... how do i say this? I don't search for or have any desire to look upon unclothed pictures of these attractive characters. Lol. Just can appriciate the looks of a moving drawing. thanks normal right? Well anyhoo let me know ur judgement- I mean reactions and personal experience or lack there of :)

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