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  • I live in Kentucky, USA
  • I was born on October 23
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
  • Tree Climber

    So in the last season review nick released there is a scene where an elderly fire nation woman is looking down at Korra, asking "Do you know who you are?". My first thought was "the new fire lady", next thought was "Too old to be Zuko's daughter!". Well... not really. Think about Lin Beifong who is 50 years old, daughter of the youngest member of the group who wasn't shown having any love interests during the series. Zuko was the eldest of the group and was heavily involved with Mai, and marriage, atleast in my eyes, was assumed. So, young marriage, young child, could mean their daughter is easily 60. Plus if Iroh is the son of Zukos eldest daughter's son, and he is, let's say 28, It could also be very easily possible his mother is 60 or o…

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  • Tree Climber

    So I have never disscussed this before but I will share this deep, dark secret with you: I sometimes thing characters are attractive. Like wtf they are cartoon?! But hey I can't help it, I think Mako is sexy, and Bolin adorable! Its weird I know, but I want to know how wierd it is, so tell me... just between us... have u ever been attracted to character in Avatar of Legend of Korra? I am so embarassed to even be admitting this but I must be honest. I dont do any weird stuff like.... I mean i dont... how do i say this? I don't search for or have any desire to look upon unclothed pictures of these attractive characters. Lol. Just can appriciate the looks of a moving drawing. thanks normal right? Well anyhoo let me know ur judgement- I mean r…

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  • Tree Climber

    I have been exploring the fanon portal and I see an unimaginable about  of talent, it is truly incredible! I also see alot of people looking for some revisons of their pieces, and pieces that need revision. I'm no master writer or grammer nazi, but im willing to look over anyone's story if they'd like, but my main reason for posting this is canon revision! I see alot of great writing talent and creativity, but also alot of problems with the realistic side of the story (well as realistic as avatar can get i suppose.) I'm very good at information and researching and I know the series information inside and out. That probably sounds very douchey, but I have to sell myself! haha. So basically what im saying is that if you would like me to look…

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