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  • Torresfa

    The ultimate bender that is. And for more reasons than her supreme ability to waterbend, including its other categories to perfection. First off, her caring and nurturing nature made her like a mother figure not just for Aang, but for the rest of Team Avatar, allowing herself to be a shoulder to cry on. Her selfless service in the face of adversity went far and beyond the norm for anyone. Strong and courageous at times, she was literally the glue that held the team together. She is extremely overprotective, especailly when it came to Aang.

    In my opinion I do consider her to be on par with the Avatar, since it was her, that rescued and saved Aang's life twice, if I recall......once from the iceberg and the second time from his battle wi…

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  • Torresfa

    So....I was wrong

    June 26, 2012 by Torresfa

    Having read other books from all sorts of categories, my thoery was not only wrong, but I lost 20 dollars in a bet to someone who had it right.....well, almost right, having said that "somehow this person is realted to Tarrlok, and that he's a bloodbender too since the effects on him were little". So this person got my money. It's all good. No matter,; it was still fun making up theories, ideas, and whatnot. That's the point of having fun and not taking this series seriously like some of the posters were, calling other "idiots" and other insults. This is for fun only. And it was fun.

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  • Torresfa

    Aang still alive

    June 12, 2012 by Torresfa

    I'm just a recent fan of the Avatar cartoons, and started watching years after the original series ended in '08. I know there are going to be alot of individuals saying this idea is stupid or that I'm trolling....nothing can be further from the truth. My idea and theory is actually based off a book written in the 70's by Frank Herbert, the creator of the infamous sci fi novels of DUNE. There are 6 original series, but the one that is most similar is called The Dune Messiah, in which the main character--Paul Atreides--is the chosen one that will save the entire known universe and set order. Now, his entire cult relgion is based off of all Paul's teachings and wisdom and basically more than dominates the universe, but literally controls ever…

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