aka Crusxher'x

  • I live in AnYwHeRe !! :)
  • I was born on May 25
  • My occupation is AnYtHiNg ..!!!
  • I am Femme I guess xD
  • Tophbf12

    INACTIVE ??? NAH!!

    October 4, 2012 by Tophbf12

    This is great! (aahhh), I'm not Inactive anymore ..(giggles) after a Long,long years ... that I have been staying here ... and not updating my account .. for this time ... I AM NOT INACTIVE.... It's really weird for me to think of it .. But I'm so happy they take away the "INACTIVE" word in my Profile Name .. Thanks for the one who did it .. or did someone really did take it ?? :-)

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  • Tophbf12

    It's good to be back here after almost two years !! Missing all the fun and people around here .. :-) Well, Maybe some of the member here are wondering why I came back after a long time. Well, my reason why I came back here is not just to check about my buddy if she's still here or other members I have been known for almost a year or maybe just to check if when will be the next release of the next season of A:TLOK, but also to update in what's happening here in wiki. It has been so long that I came back here already, it was late to update my profile as well as the IRC. When I check the groups' members, I was surprised to know there were new names there.I have to think over yet if to create a new blog about my comeback but first I decided t…

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  • Tophbf12

    ... sorry to the people i left on the IRC earlier.. i didnt say goodbye .. my teacher caught me chatting on the IRc with the wikia members , he caught and embarassed me infront of my classmates .. shouted at me .. but its okay .. atleast i had a little chit chatting with them .. sorry Vulmen and Kaizuh ... ughh ..

    and now im doing it again . but im putting a limit on my time here on the wiki .. well, this is kinda random

    but next time . i will be unlimited . hahahaha .. next time guyz ....

    tophbf12 04:30, June 8, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Tophbf12


    November 29, 2010 by Tophbf12

    hey guyz,whats up i will be inactive this month cause i will be going back to my country to pass some requirements to my school so that my teachers wont fail me. I was so lucky cause my teachers allow me to have a vacation to my mother here. I just take advance test in every subjects and if i can pass my project this month im going to pass my exams. Hope i can pass with my project.Bye guyz for now.

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