• I live in behind a mystical waterfall where i use earthbending to lead me to secret tunnels, wolves as pets, waterbending to cook and defence, firebending for heat and light and airbending for transportation
  • I was born on May 22
  • My occupation is being the avatar, chief metalbending police officer and a fanon writer. although i don't really have a real occupation (coz i'm 11!)
  • I am Female
  • Tophbeifongthegreat

    You may think you know avatar well but do you really??

    1. The first avatar's name was Koda
    2. If an avatar was to die in the avatar state the avatars will never exist again!!
    3. When the avatar is not needed anymore and the world is at peace for life there will never be another avatar.
    4. The avatar cycle goes boy, girl, boy, boy, girl, boy, girl, girl
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