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TLA2 who's gonna play toph?!?!?!??!

Toph's part has not been given and I'm working hard to obtain it.I train as hard as I can,I excercise as much as I can... well sorta,and i watch the cartoon alot (which is the easiest on my list ^-^ )

Things to do: go to walmart to buy a web cam or charge the camera...... I'll make a link in my posts once I make a video. Which will be soon...... maybe..... well after my cosplay is done.....

Just Like Toph, I like to fight, people say i have issues.....( I dont have issues!!!!!) and people think i'm weak and pathetic......(i'm not weak or pathetic)

Oh, and I'm a red head...... just gotta buy a wig...... and my mum won't let me dye my hair..... :( It sounds like fun though :D

Now to sew a costume.... errrrr my mum'll sew it....... I bought fabric......

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