• TophAzulaHermione recently interveiwed Gene Luen Yang. In the interview he talks about working in the comic book industry and his experience writing for The Promise Part 1. He also discusses some of the events that take place in the graphic novel and hints at things to come in the futher installments of the trilogy. Some of the information he reveales is that Azula and Iroh will make future appearances as well as Suki who "we'll definitely be seeing more [of] especially in the third volume."

    As for the mystery surrounding Ursa's disapearance, Gene remarks "that was the first question I asked when I got on the phone with Mike and Bryan! Ultimately, what Ursa's absence means to Zuko is more important than what actually happened to her. Mike and…

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  • TophAzulaHermione

    Mike and Bryan were recently interviewed by Dark Horse . In the interview, they discuss what it's like to be behind projects such as Avatar: The Last Airbender. They also tell fans a little of what to expect in Legend of Korra and The Promise Trilogy. The full interview can be found here.

    Dark Horse also interviewed Gene Luen Yang. He shares with us some of his experiences while working on The Promise, what he hopes to accomplish through the trilogy, and more. His interview can be found here.

    P.S. Did anyone notice that the background for the main page on Dark Horse's website is an picture of Aang (I'm guessing promo art for The Promise).

    EDIT: Another blog post by Dark Horse goes through some of the steps of making the cover art for The Prom…

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