First at all, I wan't to say that, THIS MOVIE IS FOR BE WATCHED LIKE A NEW MOVIE, AND THE SERIE IS FOR BE WATCHED LIKE A SERIE. If you compare the movie with the serie, you gonna be desapoited. I didn't like the movie too much. Like, THE MOVIE is good, but the movie compared with the things of the serie and the caracters of the serie, IS TERRIBLE! So if you wan't to enjoy the movie, look to it like a new thing.I gonna give you 20 reasons because I didn't like the movie comparing with the serie:

The actors triying to be the characters were TERRIBLE! They were all wrong reaaaaaaaly. The best was Zuco.

There wasn't fun, no jocks from Sokka. Really, Sokka wasn't funny enought. Like nothing funny, he didn't do jocks, act exageranting all the time, doing faces, nothing.

They skiped a lot of important things, like the Kyoshi fighters.In book 2 and 3 Suki in special apperas a lot! But in the movie, not.I just thik: "How they gonna put her in the story?"

The firebenders didn't "do" fire.They catch it from a torch, from where were fire. When uncle Hiro did fire everybody were like O.O "Oooooooooh!! He did fire!!! He is a super, hiper, mega firebender!! " RIDICULOS! Suko's scar was like invisable! You just could see that was something in his eyes, but you almost couldn't see that was a scar.

Aang's arrow and tatoos was realyyyyyyyyyyyyy terrible and invisible like Zuko's scar. Sokka's bumerang was giant!!!REALLY! Too much big!!!

Katara's hair was like, without life. Her tresses was ridiculos, it seems like, she hasn't tresses! REALLY PATETIC! I tought patetic the way Suko discovered that, Aang was the Avatar. He and his uncle putted a sail in front of Aang and he didn't do nothing, but it just damped. After, he puted some water and it magicaly made a circle very cute.And he putted a big storm, better a little rock, whatever, and it magicaly upped without Aang do ANYthing. The actor who was playng Hiro, didn't got to much the spirit of the character, how he is, so uncle Hiro was,....RIDICULOS TOO!!!

This thing made me a little obsed. Paku acepted Katara without say a word. I won't comment this, because I'll problably break my computer, so let's carry on.

Who won the reward of "Worst "I got my character really bad!"" was.......ZAU!!!! He looked scared all the time he hadn't the face of a bad guy doing bad things.

The Lord of Fire Ozai is caracterized by his downy beard and long hair, but in the movie he had SHORT HAIR and NO BEARD!!! He didn't have a hair in his face unless his eyebrows!!!

Aang's clothes made him look fat. This isn't a problem just distorced Aang's image.

Zuco, didn't looked too much saying and acting like: "I need the Avatar for have my honor back!" :I ok.... He was more like: "Hey Zau, could you leave me take the Avatar? No, so I guess I gonna have to find some other way to find him by myself. Ow, I know I'm gonna hide myself in his ship and when we got in the north pole I try to find the Avatar, capture him and put he in the a room in the north pole base, then his friends go and freeze me! It looks a wonderfull idea!!!D"

Zuko didn't have his pony tail. Stupid mistake!

Sokka's pony tail was toooooooooooooo much long, and that made him look ridiculos.

Haru in the serie look like a 17 years old, big, muscule, and handsome guy. But in the movie he is short, uglly, isn't muscule, small and looked like an 8 years old boy. They ruined the character.

Aang was criyng and being emo ALL THE TIME!!! I don't think is a problem be emo and cry all the time, but it is no how AANG Is!!! Obviusly he cry cometimes, but not all the time like in the movie!

And finally, The movie was too much short and they spended too much time when they were in north pole. When was just 55 minutes of movie, they were in chapter 18 and they took more 40 MINUTES to do chapeter 19 and 20 and a piece of 18.

I can give you more reasons, but I think is good like this. Looking like a movie separately it is good, but lookin like a movie basead in a serie is a shame. BUT I LIKED THE VISUAL EFFECTS!!! THEY WERE PRETTY GOOD! XD

I hope you liked my review. Continues watching Avatar!!!! D

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