• Toph271

    The Last Airbender

    July 30, 2010 by Toph271

    First at all, I wan't to say that, THIS MOVIE IS FOR BE WATCHED LIKE A NEW MOVIE, AND THE SERIE IS FOR BE WATCHED LIKE A SERIE. If you compare the movie with the serie, you gonna be desapoited. I didn't like the movie too much. Like, THE MOVIE is good, but the movie compared with the things of the serie and the caracters of the serie, IS TERRIBLE! So if you wan't to enjoy the movie, look to it like a new thing.I gonna give you 20 reasons because I didn't like the movie comparing with the serie:

    The actors triying to be the characters were TERRIBLE! They were all wrong reaaaaaaaly. The best was Zuco.

    There wasn't fun, no jocks from Sokka. Really, Sokka wasn't funny enought. Like nothing funny, he didn't do jocks, act exageranting all the timeā€¦

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