As I'm sure some of you've noticed, Nickelodeon failed to release any further information on Toph Beifong's life beyond what we could have already learned from the six preview pages of The Promise Part that were officially released quite some time ago. Just about the only thing we did learn is the general time around which she would have given birth to her daughter Lin. This blog is meant to encourage speculation on why they're withholding so much information about her later life, and what her story arc might be when it's finally revealed. Please answer the following questions as logically and clear-mindedly as you can:

1. If Toph has died, what kind of impact might that on The Legend of Korra's storyline? Could her death be somehow linked to the Yakone situation mentioned in the fourth episode, or with the rising Equalist revolution?

2. If Toph hasn't died, what kind of impact will that have on The Legend of Korra's storyline? Might an eighty-something Toph randomly show up to offer the skills she's improved over the years when she's most needed in the later parts of the series, or will she be able to offer some sort of advice to Korra's generation?

3. Who did Toph have Lin with? Was she married to him or not? If the former, will he show up as a love interest or begin becoming more of one than he was in the series in the Avatar comics they are producing to fill the interrum period between the original and the sequel series?

4. How long did Toph play the role of the traveling Metalbending teacher? Did she settle down in Republic City when around the age of thirty due to her daughter's birth, start up the Metalbending cops in order to help protect Lin, and then go back to her former wandering role (similar to the one we know Zuko now plays) when her daughter suceeded her as Chief? Or might she have played the role of iternant teacher all her life, dragging her daughter along her, with the Metalbending cops originally just being a temporary task force to help Aang "be decisive" towards Yakone (as Tarlokk did with Korra)?

5. As both Lin and Tenzin were both around a decade old during the Yakone affair, how might this have affected them? Might it be possible that they played some part in, as they aren't all that much younger than their own parents were when they took part in The War? Will their flashbacks of it be shown?

Please state your opinions on these questions in the "Comments" section below. And if you can think of any other important subjects concerning Toph's later life to discuss, let me know and I will added them to the blog's list when I am able.

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