The Promise is over, and whatever you may think of the plot of that graphic novel series, I'm sure most of you will at least tune in your ears to the events of its sequel series The Search, as it promises to answer the most-asked question since the end of the original series: where is Zuko's mother? While we know that Mr. Yang will almost certainly not be allowed to answer that key question except through the pages of the new novels (and barring unforeseen circumstances, we will probably get our answer to this question sometime in this upcoming year, so just be patient on that note), it's hardly the only question that we may ask about the unresolved elements of Aang's legend, nor are there no questions that we may ask about the surrounding elements of The Search 's story-line and how they may connect to its prequel series. So I decided to make this blog as a forum for figuring out the eight most-asked questions about the Avatar comics continuity. Assuming that this blog gets enough of a response in the next nine days, Avatar Wiki 's users may then cast a vote to decide the top 8 questions they want to ask Gene Yang, which I will then ask him using the contact number given to me several months back.  If there are any questions you wish to ask Gene Yang, please state them in the comment section below.

Edit: As I'm sure you'll all be glad to know, Gene Yang recently replied back to the e-mail I sent him about the poll conducted on this wiki. Along with a few extra questions that I took the liberty of asking him simply because of my own interest in their answers, below are his answers to the questions from the poll from the reply e-mail.

Hey <first name omitted>!

Great to hear from you again!

1) Will the story of Iroh's Journey to the Spirit World and how he's able to see Spirits be told? 

I hope so... haven't heard any plans yet, though.

2) Will Toph have a small role of some sort to play in The Search, or should we Toph-fans avoid getting our hopes up on that account?

I do looove Toph, but the focus of the series will be on the Fire Nation Royal Family.

3) When will Aang and Zuko get started on actively working to build Republic City?

You'll see some more baby steps in The Search. (You know how these things go. Once the fighting is over, you get nothing but boring meetings. :) )

) Where does the Mai comic fit into the general Avatar timeline? (I.E. between The Promise and The Search, parallel to The Search, etc.)

The Mai comic is post-Promise, pre-Search.

5) What characters will be involved in the Mai comic, other than Mai herself?

You'll have to read the comic. :)

6)Will the Mai comic just be about Mai's relationship issues with Zuko, or will it also try to shed light on the character as a whole?

I hope it sheds light on her character, or at least echo bits of her character from the animated show.

7) Should Maiko shippers look forward to the results of the upcoming Mai comic, or does the new Zuki ship have more of a chance than some think?

You'll have to read the comic. :)

8) Are The Promise and The Search trilogies the only graphic novel series for Avatar that will be made based on A:TLA and its sequel series, or are there any future volumes in store that you are aware of?

I haven't yet heard of any definitive plans.

9) If there are future volumes in store, will they introduce new recurring characters (or will characters from The Promise and The Search appear in later installments)?

I haven't yet heard of any definitive plans.

10) Will there be a comic that explains the Equalist Uprising in further detail? I haven't yet heard of any definitive plans.

11) If there are future volumes, will we get to see what Toph is like in a romantic relationship? (If so, will she have a new love interest, or will it be someone from the original series?) 

I haven't yet heard of any definitive plans. But dude, that would be kind of awesome.

12) If there are future installments, will Toph ever be seen re-connecting with her parents?

Same answer as above. Sorry. 

As I said before, I really appreciate your support. Your encouragement means a lot.

Hope you're having a great 2013!


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