Lately, I've noticed the general fanbase becoming more vocal as who they ship Toph with, attributable mostly to Bryke's purposeful stoking of discussion of this subject by fans by "accidentally" omitting the name of the father of Toph's daughter at the SDCC 2011. It seems to me that this wiki now needs a forum for openly discussing this subject (which doesn't involve clogging up the "Bei Fong" & "Toph Bei Fong" articles, as well the characters she is being shipped with, with long series of comments on the subject . . . which I'm obviously more guilty of doing than anyone else).

Please refrain from bashing any of the ships mentioned in the blog, and do not attack any of the shippers here verbally, regardless of what they may ship. If this happens, I will contact admins if things get so bad that I am unable to mediate the discussion myself. The focus here is to be Toph and the character she is currently shipped with; the subject of "Sukka" may be brought insofar as is relevant to the discussion, but otherwise please refrain from discussing shipping which do not directly include Toph as part of the pairing (and do not start discussions on "Sukka" alone; that can be left up to Vulmen's "TSW -:- Sokka" blog"). Please engage others in discussion even if you don't like their ships, and try to keep the whole matter fun & try to refrain from getting overly angry/rude when some disagrees with you on your beloved ship.

TSW - Toph


File:Toph Walk.png

' These two are commonly shipped together on account of their similar ages, as well as also serving the purpose of providing Aang with a back-up romantic relationship if Katara & Zuko ever got together. Aang first come into contact with "Toph" when he sees a vision of her in the swamp (during "The Swamp"), where Katara and Sokka had seen visions of those loved & lost, which in the past Taang shippers have interpreted to mean that Aang would eventually develop a love interest in Toph. When they first met up, Toph took an antagonistic attitude toward Aang, mostly due to him besting her in the Earth Rumbles and then because he had a hard time learning to bend the element which came all but naturally to Toph. Over time, Toph loosened her all-or-nothing teaching attitude a bit and Aang's Earthbending came more easily to him, and the two appeared to have become close friends by the end of the series.


Zuko and Toph

Toph seems to have had an easier time accepting Zuko into the group than the other members of Team Avatar, and as a result there has always been a suspicion among fans that she may have had certain reasons for doing this. Any problems between the two are normally resolved quickly, even when Zuko burned Toph's feet and caused her to loose her Seismic Sense temporarily. Toph also showed herself sympathetic to Zuko's depressed feelings when the way he had treated his uncle was thrown in his face during their viewing of "The Boy in the Iceberg", following this up by punching his arm out of a sense of affection for him. She thought highly enough of their friendship to reveal her feelings about her past with her parents to him (even rushing up & grabbing his arm to ensure that she'd be able to go with him); this line of conversation was abruptly shut down by Zuko, who seemed unconcerned with what she had to say (though he did try to be polite in doing so).

The Doph

Toph and The Duke

Toph and the Duke would have met up during "The Bridge" comic (which provides the connection between the Season 2 and Season 3 narratives on Team Avatar's side of things) when the group met up with this former member of the Freedom Fights along with his close friend Pipsqueak, though this was never discussed and obviously not made much of a plot point. By the time of "The Awakening", they had worked together long enough for the Duke to act as Toph's "seeing-eye" guide, helping her aim at the boulders the opposing Fire Nation ship was tossing at Team Avatar's current transport. In that same episode, he saved Toph from possible danger when the ship launched a surprise attack through Katara's attempt at making a cloud cover for the team's get-away. Toph departed with Sokka and Katara to find Aang, and the two did not meet up with each other again until the invasion of the Fire Nation on the Day of Black Sun; during that invasion, the Duke noticed Toph loudly complaining about her sea-sickness and offered his helmet for her to vomit in (he can be seen washing it out later with a slightly annoyed expression on his face). Along with Haru and Teo, the Duke joins the Team briefly when the invasion; while he spends most of his time running around the Western Air Temple with Haru and Teo, he does express his desire to go look for Toph when she went missing (though she ends up returning just as his group goes off to find her). He can be seen helping Toph making a sign in support of Zuko during the "Swordbending" comic, and is seen rubbing her feet in "No Benders Allowed!". The temporary members of Team Avatar split from the main group during Azula's attack on the Air Temple, going off with Hakoda; as a consequence, the Duke does not meet back up with Toph until the end of the War. At Zuko's peace ceremony, the Duke finds Toph in the crowd and hugs her, which she seems quite surprised about and accepts only reluctantly.


Ohev (as of yet) appears only within the confines of "Love Potion 8", an Easy Reader Novel given permission by Bryke to write about the subject. Ohev (whose name means "love" in Hebrew) is the son of unnamed parents who once worked as the Bei Fong servants, who eventually ran away and joined the hippie-like nomads who first appeared in "Cave of Two Lovers". Along with this group of eccentric peace-loving individuals, he meets up with Team Avatar; Chong (the apparent headman of the hippes) upon meeting them declares a love feast, his wife Lily giving the group what she called "Love Potion #8". True to his name, Ohev plays a part in prodding Katara and Aang to join in the feast's festivities, but more importantly to this blog he then tries to help Toph out. Toph had just had her feelings just been spurned unknowingly by Sokka, who had talked about his love of Suki and Yue when Toph (under what she thought was the influence of the love potion) expressed her desire to "hug someone". Because of this, she seperated herself off from the rest of the group, until Ohev joined her. After a brief rough patch where Toph told him to leave her alone, they began talking about their lives to each other, and eventually Ohev expressed that he thought Toph "was awesome" (followed by the two dancing with each other, alongside the rest of the people joining in on the feast). By the end of the book, Lily announces that the love potion really contained nothing, and that everything that had happened was a result of the character's belief in love (which I am very suspicious correlates with their listening to Ohev, or "love"); this did not stop Ohev from kissing Toph on the cheek by the end of the book, something which Toph did not return but did respond to by giving a small rock Earthbended into the shape of a heart and placing her hands on his face briefly before rejoining the rest of the team on Appa so that the group could leave: Important Point: It is unclear whether this story can be taken as canonical, as it is not apparent whether Bryke had any hand in it other than simply allowing it to be written. It is also important to note that this book would probably have to take place before "Sokka's Master", as Toph did not yet have her meteorite bracelet all throughout the comic (and definitely some time before "Day of Black Sun", judging by her Fire Nation garb).


Toph shows no real interest in Sokka when they first meet in "The Blind Bandit", nor obviously he in her. Later on, in "The Chase", Sokka sticks up for Toph and tries to prevent her from leaving the group when Aang and Katara made her feel unwelcome; notably, she begins going out of her way to make fun of Sokka after this point (as well as probably injuring him in "Bitter Work"). She begins to get noticeably jealous when Suki joins up with Team Avatar briefly during "The Serpent's Pass", though she tries to pass this off to herself as something else (namely, annoyance that her friend hadn't thanked her for saving his life). When she nearly drowns later on in the same episode, she expresses her happiness that Sokka in particular had come and saved her (as she had heard him saying he was going to do right before she sunk below the surface) by giving him a kiss on the cheek, only to find out that she had instead been saved by Suki.

When Sokka later goes off to learn sword-fighting from Piandao, Toph is the first member of the group to express that she misses him, only to strongly deny it when he returns (turning aside so he could not see her blushing about what was really the case). Sokka does not seem too put off by this, and eventually responds by giving her a chunk of the same meteorite used to make his sword; via her bending powers, she turns this into a bracelet which she wears on her upper arm so as to keep it with her, and which she has shown herself to be very protective of. This space-bracelet is never seen in the series after the invasion of the Fire Nation on the Day of Black Sun, even when she briefly wears her sleeveless Fire Nation garb or her swim suit again, indicating that she mostly likely got rid of it after having to witness Sokka's passion for Suki during the aforementioned invasion.

Despite the implications of this, she still makes an implicitly jealous comment to Suki during the series finale (indicating that the group would be okay with Suki breaking up with Sokka over his horrible sandsculpture of his girlfriend), indicating that she still has something of a crush on him at this point. Throughout the finale, she seems more irritable than normal, taking the entire length of the four-part ending of the series to work through this. By the end of the finale, she appears to have resigned herself to Suki being Sokka's girlfriend, but seems a bit touchy at Suki joining her and Sokka in doing things that the two did as friends (such as producing insulting nicknames for the defeated Fire Lord).

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