My argument:

P1) Toph had a crush on Sokka from “The Chase” episode to “The Day of Black Sun: The Eclipse” episode

  • P2) During the first half of the third season, the creators of the show made her crush more obvious (showing her blush because of Sokka twice, once in “Sokka’s Master” and once in “The Puppet Master”)
  • P3) In “The Day of Black Sun: The Eclipse” episode, Sokka concentrated on Suki to the point of allowing Azula to trick him because of it. At this point, Toph began to distance herself from her crush on Sokka.
  • P4) She could not have abruptly given up on him at this point. The creators would not have portrayed her as being so accepting of Sokka being tricked because of Suki by Azula (“It not your fault, Sokka”) if this is what they wished to communicate at this point.
  • P5) Toph began liking Zuko as she began to give up on Sokka, as is hinted at during “The Ember Island Players.” (though by “affection” I believe was referring to friendly not romantic affection at this point). P5) Suki completely ignored Toph’s saracastic remark regarding Sokka in “Sozin’s Comet Part 1: The Phoenix King”, specifically made in regard to their relationship.
  • P6) When the creators give points in the show which can explain certain actions of the character, it is more reasonable to believe these points explain the actions instead of believing that new character developments were made up out of <u>nowhere. </u>
  • C) Suki’s disregard for Toph’s sarcastic joke served as the final catalyst for denying her former crush, and for developing a relationship with another person she had affection for.

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