Assuming that Aan only needed to unblock his last chuckra to go into the avatar state during his battle with Zuko and Azula, it seems(but is not necessairly) valid to assume that this was the only chuckra he needed to unblock during the finale before he went into the avatar state. Is it possible that lion-turtle energybent this blocked chuckra so that it was partially unblocked, in order to place the lion-turtles thoughts into Aang's mind to be used at a later point in time (the discrepancy between what it says in part 2 and part 4 of the finale)? Alongside the advice it gave him at the time, could this explain why the lethal battle with Ozai and his scar pounding against the rocks were enough to send him into the avatar state (especially along the emotional detachment from the world require for Aang to not kill Ozai up to this point)? Please tell me whether this view is illegitimate or not.

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