It is a well known fact that Toph does not show much concern for her own appearance. However, the following questions are not as clear, and the purpose of this blog is to guage the general publics opinion on them.

1. Is Toph's general lack of concern for her own appearance tend to be a positive character quality or a negative character quality? (For instance, on the one hand, it can mean she tends not to put on superficial appearances to please others; on the other, it can mean she has a lack of self-respect for her own person.)

2. Which of those two possible answers does Bryke seem to lean more towards, given everything we have seen in the series?

3.How central do you think this quality is to Toph's character, and how much do you think she is likely to change/not change in this area as she grows up?

4. How do you think the answer to the last question will play into any romantic relationship she may have in the future?

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