Well, by now it should be clear to everyone on the wiki that I am a completely self-serving, egocentric narcissist, so this present blog will come as no surprise to anyone. With this blog I simply wish to announce that the first two chapter and the prologue of my first fanon "Footsteps in the Dark" have been finished (or mostly finished - I may have to go back and fix minor grammatical or spelling problems, but the main content is finished). For those who do not yet know, "Footsteps in the Dark" is to be Toph's "view" of the series in the style of Vulmen's "Eyes of Katara", written from a third person limited perspective. I would very much like my fanon to not be overlooked and at least occasionally read by the people on this wiki, so I went out a limb and made this blog post. If you do take the time out of your day to read it in full, please leave your comments in the space provided on the fanon pages for this purpose or comment on this blog - whichever you wish. Also, if any of you think I shouldn't be making a blog for such a purpose, do not fail to comment below.

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