As I'm sure you all know by now, I am a slight "Tokka" fan, and have taken to analyzing the dynamic of the "Sukka" vs. "Tokka" triangle as a way of understanding Toph's character better (something which I went into great detail about in my recently featured blog, which the wiki seems to have decided to rename into something shorter :P ). To this effect, I recently e-mailed Gene Yang to ask him a few pressing questions I had about "Tokka":

Mr. Yang,

Well, actually I do have a few concerns I'd really like answers to, but take your time answering them as they aren't all that important in the grand scheme of things.

First, what did you think of the whole "Tokka" vs. "Sukka" debate as fan (not a writer)? With the Aang-Katara bits that you've mentioned, I admit I as a long-term "Tokka"-supporter am a bit apprehensive. Second, did the subject of "Tokka" ever come up in your conversations with Mike and Bryan? Was that scene in the finale meant to ship "Toko" (even as a joke)? Or where the "Tokka" hints I thought I saw during the finale (and I try to remain unbiased when it comes to ships) supposed to indicate the matter of the Toph-Sokka-Suki love triangle was left ambiguous at the end? I probably both the most obsessed (sane) Toph fan there is as well as the most obsessed "Tokka" shipper (because I really want to know how the ship is supposed to play into her character, and that was left unclear at the end of the series), so I'd really appreciate these being answered in the least spoiler-ish why possible; I won't make public announcements about it, if you want to avoid making this into a replay of the Zutara fiasco. I understand you not wanting to spoil anything, though, so I tried to frame my questions so that they only relate to the subject as it was originally meant to rest at the end of the series, and not anything spoilery from "The Promise".

(And yeah, I'd like to know who Bei Fong's father is - and what her first name is (Wei?) - but I both doubt you'd be allow to spoil that and also don't want to spoil it for myself even if you were allowed.)

Toph's Fanboy

This was his reply (minus my real first name, which I inadvertently gave out to him, and which I don't wish to repeat here):

Hey <name ommitted for blog>!
You don't have to call me Mr. Yang. :) Let me just say this:

1. Toph and Sokka's relationship did come up in my conversations with Mike and Bryan.

2. Toph definitely had a little crush on Sokka... but that doesn't necessarily mean anything will come of it.

3. Toph and Sokka are the main characters of volume 2 of the comic.

I really appreciate you visiting my website and being, as you say, sane.
Sorry to hear that you had some bad experiences in fandom. I can see how. Man, those conversations can get nasty! I'm going to have to be more careful

from now on. Thanks so much for your support!

Have a great holiday season!

To add a slight detail about to the context in which I wrote this blog, I would like to add that I e-mailed back to ask for his expressed permission before I pulicized the "Tokka" info contained within the e-mail (just to be as spoiler-cautious as possible), and received this answer back just yesterday.

Hey <name ommited for blog>!
Sure you can tell some folks if you want that Toph's crush on Sokka
came up in conversation. Hope you had a great holiday season.

I was hoping to spark plot-related speculation based upon this, so please leave your opinions in the comment section below. (And I know it might be hard for some of you, but please, no spoilers. The admins won't like it, and furthermore, neither will I.)

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