This is meant to be a blog to speculate about the daughter, "Chief" Bei Fong, of my favorite girl character, Toph Bei Fong. Any civil comments or speculation about "Chief" Bei Fong would be appreciated, though it would be better if one researches the evidence given in this wiki before commenting. Specifically, I wish to encourage speculation concerning:

A picture of my fav girl character (for comparison with her daughter in Legend of Korra)

Poppy Beifong

Toph's mother, just for comparison between her daughter and grand-daughter

File:Lin Bei Fong.png

1.How similar/dissimilar she is likely to be to her mother?

2. What her first name might be

3. Why Toph apparently kept her last name and gave it to her child

(Also whether she is the only Bei Fong child)

4. How old she is

5. What sort of interaction she may have with Avatar Korra

I would encourage anything on these areas of debate being commented on, or any new news being revealed.


I hesitate to ask this, but:

6. Whether or not Toph married the father, and who the father is - do not leave rabid shipping comments on this blog, as I have a strong distaste for the bashing of ships.

If anyone really care a lot about this last question, feel free to vote in the poll below, rather than leaving frivolous (and often violently stated) shipping comments on this blog:

Who did Toph most likely (not what you want, what you think is likely) have her daughter with:

The poll was created at 16:04 on July 27, 2011, and so far 107 people voted.

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