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January 13, 2011
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  • Toph's Fanboy

    The Promise is over, and whatever you may think of the plot of that graphic novel series, I'm sure most of you will at least tune in your ears to the events of its sequel series The Search, as it promises to answer the most-asked question since the end of the original series: where is Zuko's mother? While we know that Mr. Yang will almost certainly not be allowed to answer that key question except through the pages of the new novels (and barring unforeseen circumstances, we will probably get our answer to this question sometime in this upcoming year, so just be patient on that note), it's hardly the only question that we may ask about the unresolved elements of Aang's legend, nor are there no questions that we may ask about the surrounding ele…

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  • Toph's Fanboy

    As I'm sure some of you've noticed, Nickelodeon failed to release any further information on Toph Beifong's life beyond what we could have already learned from the six preview pages of The Promise Part that were officially released quite some time ago. Just about the only thing we did learn is the general time around which she would have given birth to her daughter Lin. This blog is meant to encourage speculation on why they're withholding so much information about her later life, and what her story arc might be when it's finally revealed. Please answer the following questions as logically and clear-mindedly as you can:

    1. If Toph has died, what kind of impact might that on The Legend of Korra's storyline? Could her death be somehow linked to th…

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  • Toph's Fanboy

    The Epic of Tokka

    March 10, 2012 by Toph's Fanboy

    Caution - The Blog You Are About to Read May Be Highly Biased, Highly Philosophical, and All-Around "Shippy"

    Gene Yang (in reply to my questioning how "anything major could happen to the series’ ships within a week"): But let me say this: lots of stuff can happen in a week. Lots of stuff can happen in a day. Movements and tensions can build over the course of months or years or decades, only to come to a head in a week or a day or even a moment.

    Two elements of life’s freedom are counterpoised to one another in the epic narrative: the first being based on the continuity of the organic process of life itself, which frees life taken by itself from the individual’s circumstances, and the second being the individual’s freedom from the necessity …

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  • Toph's Fanboy

    ASN: "(. . .) And how about Toph, will she have any closure with her parents? Will we get a hint in the comics as to who will be her future husband, the father of Chief Bei Fong? "

    Gene: "When I was watching the show, I really liked Toph. After writing her, though, I now love her. She's such an awesome character! The second volume of The Promise will focus on Toph and her new role as a metalbending teacher. (. . .) "

    My bet is that the reason Sokka, Katara, and Aang had not seen Toph for a while by the time she returns to the story after the time-skip, is because she most likely went back home to see how well her letter to her parents from “The Runaway” was received (or, alternatively, in response to a positive return letter from Lao & Poppy B…

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  • Toph's Fanboy

    Children have a tendency to bond closely first with their opposite sex-parent, and only afterwards with their same-sex parent. Disruptions in this course of childhood development tend to have pervasive effects on the personality of the person in question.

    Aang As a member of the Air Nomads, it would seem that Aang was raised by the male (as evidenced by several flashbacks throughout the series) and female (as evidenced via flashbacks in "Appa's Lost Days") monkhood as a whole, never knowing who his biological mother & father were and thus coming to treat the religious orders of his people as his mother and father figures (for the second, one monk by the name of Gyatso was prominent in his life). Since it would seem that it was due to his fa…

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