Korra comics have been confirmed today!!
That's right, everyone! We will be seeing more of Korra! Today, July 10, 2015, Korra comics were revealed at the San Diego Comic-Con panel!

Bryan Konietzko reblogged this on tumblr: "The Legend of Korra will continue as comics written by Michael DiMartino, published by Dark Horse! I’ve been working on the story with Mike, and I’ll be consulting on the art (once we secure an artist/artists). I made the images above for our announcement at the Dark Horse panel, which just finished up. Exciting stuff!"

"The focus of the first three volumes will be focusing on Korrasami and the aftermath of the finale, no big time jumps. As Bryan mentioned earlier it’s hard for him to let go of the characters to another team, so he was hesitant because he didn’t think they’d find another dream team, but then Mike was like “Oh, I want to write them” and now he’s super excited. Still finding an artist! Mike will be scripting, but Bryan will consult on art and story. People might be disappointed they’re not doing an animated series, but Mike points out it gives them the freedom to do other things they wouldn't have been able to otherwise. Very excited for what’s to come! More info will be out as we get closer and closer!"

In addition, the comic will deal with the aftermath of the destruction of Republic City; much like her predecessor Aang, Korra now has a war to clean up.

Earlier in the panel, Konietzko admitted that he isn’t always driven to tell further stories about his characters. “I imagine in my heart that they keep living, but I don’t need to see them go to the grocery store,” he said, adding that he did not want the stories to be outsourced and mass-produced.

DiMartino said that the idea of The Legend of Korra comics appealed to him in the same way that the Avatar comics had. The comics will follow the same format of three installments per series, and offer the opportunity to explore different aspects of the characters in subtler, less drastic circumstances.

What are your thoughts on this? What do you want to see? This blog will be updated with any news we get for the Korra comics. If you have any news, be sure to let me know! Source: here.

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