We've all seen seasons one and two.Each season presenting a different threat for Korra and the world.In season one this threat was:

Amon: Leader of The equalists and the Anti-Bending Revolution, Amon had the ability of taking away someones bending. This struck fear into every bender in Republic City. Korra finally ended up beating him by airbending when he most needed it. But it was a close call; Amon had already taken away Korra's other three elements

In season two the threat was her own uncle,

Unalaq: This man was probably the man closest to the spirits aside from Jinora at the time; he teamed up with Vaatu to destroy the world. It took Korra a lot more hard work to destroy him. Finally learning how to bend the energy around her, she had the strength to defeat Vaatu and Unalaq. 

But Harmonic Convergence shifted the world, Vines plagued Republic City, spirits roamed the world due to Korra's decision to keep the spirit portals open and finally, airbenders. This leads us to the current threat:

Zaheer and his gang: Consisting of the four greatest benders in the world, this gang presents a very great threat to Korra. The members of this gang are: Zaheer, Ghazan, P'Li and Ming-Hua. Lord Zuko said that individually they could take down any bender, but together they could take on the world. Not only that, but Zaheer is now an airbender. Now they together dominate the four elements,the same as the avatar. Not only that, but she is now the enemy of the Earth Queen for taking away the airbenders.

How do you think this book will end? What are your hopes for Korra? Who do you think presents a bigger threat; Zaheer or the earth queen? Which has been your favorite book? Favorite villain?

I hope you enjoyed this blog as it has been my first one please tell me what you think.

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