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  • Tono555

    Korra comics revealed!

    July 10, 2015 by Tono555

    Korra comics have been confirmed today!!
    That's right, everyone! We will be seeing more of Korra! Today, July 10, 2015, Korra comics were revealed at the San Diego Comic-Con panel!

    Bryan Konietzko reblogged this on tumblr: "The Legend of Korra will continue as comics written by Michael DiMartino, published by Dark Horse! I’ve been working on the story with Mike, and I’ll be consulting on the art (once we secure an artist/artists). I made the images above for our announcement at the Dark Horse panel, which just finished up. Exciting stuff!"

    "The focus of the first three volumes will be focusing on Korrasami and the aftermath of the finale, no big time…

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  • Tono555

    Hello all fanon portal authors! The time has come for another one of our contests!

    So, let us begin by handing out results from our last contest, which was of course, round 12. We got quite a few entries this time, so hopefully we didn't take too long. The prompt for this round was for you guys to introduce us a character.


    In third place, we chose , by . It was a great chapter with a very strong character. In second place, it was decided that we would place the almost new story's pilot, which would be . We would like to thank all our participants from Round 12. As usual, you can add a userbox to your profile as shown:

    ~The Fanonbenders

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  • Tono555

    All right. 364 days ago, I started my journey on Wikia on this very wiki. I couldn't be happier that I did. This year, I accomplished many things that I didn't think I could be. I created around ten pages here (can't seem to remember all o them) and at the Spanish wiki I have created around 170. I became a rollback here, an administrator on the Spanish wiki, a councilor, and an administrator for the Spanish Communnity Central.

    Now, I didn't come here to say all that I have done because that would probably bore you. Instead, I am here to deliver personal 'thank you's to all of you that have definitely helped along the way in hopes that they read them and know that it is very appreciated.

    : I really look up to this guy. He helped me right from…

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  • Tono555

    Hello! This is Tono555 and today I am doing a test review for ', by !

    During Fire Lord Sozin's reign, all is not well for one girl in specific, Nalia. One day, she comes home to see her father getting assassinated by people sent by the crown. She is subsequently kidnapped along with her sister, Ming and forced into a secret group called "The Sheperds". This is a group ordered by the Fire Lord to do all his dirty work for him, mostly assassinating people he wants dead. Ming is in the Fire Lord's clutches as a reminder to Nalia what she could lose if she screws up.

    Honestly, this has to be the most badass setup I have ever seen in a fanon. It has all anybody who loves action could hope for. Betrayal, suspense, and lots of moments in which your …

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