So I was just reading about who everyone else thinks Amon is. And there is alot of weird ideas.

We know that Amon's parents were both farmers and where killed when he was a boy, and Amon was left with his face scared from a fire bender.

We also know that Mako and Bolin's parents were killed by a fire bender.

I thought that later in the series it might turn out to be the same fire bender creating a connection between Mako, Bolin, and Amon.

I thought back to think of any young kids in the first season that had parents that were farmers and the only one I could think of was a boy named Lee. The episode was called "Zuko Alone" were Zuko helped a young Lee and in return Lee offered to feed his Ostrage horse(??I think thats what it was, lol). Anyways it was apparent that Lee and his family had a hate on for fire benders by the end of the episode and I am sure they didnt like earthbenders either since the local earth benders terrorized there farm all the time. If after Zuko left the family it is possible that a fire bender came along and did to him what Amon said had happened to him when he was a boy.

I would have guessed that Lee(The boy) was about 7 years old in the episode and add on 70 years it could match up with Amon age??? Well I just thought that I would throw a thought that could make more sence then what I have been hearing online so far.

Amon is not Anngs son lol, no way at all.

Amon being Jet from season one??? could be, but I dont buy it at all. I think Jet Died, lol.

What I really want to know is who did my favorate Toph get together with to have a kid???? lol I loved her and always though that a love interest with her would be awesome!!! I love how she was blind but that alloud her to become even stronger by using her bending to see. AMAZING!!!! Such a good lesson too for us all.

Anyways I hope that this new season is at least half as good as the first. I would be happy with that.

Not as funny as the first so far but you never know, they might just add some comic releif as we get into it.

The bending is way cooler though so thank you for that Creators!!!!

BUt when it comes down to it the best parts of the first Season with Anng was great because of the development of the cast and the plot, which there is still lost of time to get on that.

So far each episode has me wanting to see the next right away and that is awesome for me!!!!!

KEEP IT UP Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, you both rock and I would love to meet you both someday and thank you for such a great story that i will remember forever!!!!

BEST ANIMATED SERIES EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for reading!!!!!!!!!!!

From Tomu :)

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