• Tokkansunite

    I just finished reading The Search Part One probably about an hour ago. After about ten straight minutes of freaking out and then half an hour of coming to accept the reality, I've decided I need to do something. At the end of The Search [SPOILER] Zuko reads a letter that gives the idea that he is not Ozai's son. Which, to me, makes plenty of sense. When Zuko and the Gaang visit Ember Island, Zuko talks to his friends about a time when his family was happy. This time period makes sense because it was just before the age when Ozai discovered Ursa's secret. This also explains Ozai's disdain toward Zuko and his differences with his sister. What I don't understand is the woman Ursa trusted, Elua. She obviously betrayed Ursa, but why would Ursa…

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