Yesterday I died/tomorrow's bleeding.'Fall into your sunlight.Zuko couldn't move, except to twitch in pain as the lightning aftershocks coursed through his body. He'd taken that lightning without thinking, because it was Katara who was targeted. It was Katara he wouldn't lose.The future's open wide/beyond believing.She could see it in that flash, her whole life intertwined with his. The past, present, and future. To know why/hope dies.Their world was ending. Hope was gone.And losing what was found/a world so hollow.'Suspended in a compromise."You can't face her alone, and I owe her."Now he wished he hadn't said yes, that she wasn't a target.But the silence of this sound/is soon to follow.All Katara could hear was her own voice screaming his name, and the blood roaring in her ears.Somehow, sundown.Sozin's Comet had finally come. Azula was unstoppable.And finding answers."You have no idea what this war has put me through! Me personally!"Is forgetting all of the questions we called home."Everyone else seems to trust me now. What is it with you?""Oh, everyone trusts you now?"Passing the graves of the unknown.'As reason clouds my eyes/with splendor fading.Lying awake night after night, he reasoned with himself, saying that she would never trust him.Illusions of the sunlight.The light of the fading sun showed the blue fire in her eyes.A reflection of a lie/will keep me waiting.'With love gone/for so long."She's the Avatar's girl, Azula. She's nothing to me."And this day's ending/is the proof of time.This day was a turning point for everyone. If the Fire Nation wasn't brought down today, before the comet came, it was over.Killing all the faith I know.Nothing was right. Katara was supposed to hate him, the crown prince of the very nation that destroyed her life at the tender age of eight.Knowing that faith is all I hold.All he had to hold onto was her eyes, shining with righteous fury.And I've lost who I am and I can't understand.'Why my heart is so broken/rejecting yours."I love her, Uncle.""I hate him, Sokka!"Love without love gone wrong."Katara, why won't you talk to me?""Because I'm confused."Lifeless words carry on."You're a monster!""Shut your mouth, filthy Water Tribe peasant!" 'But I know/all I know is that the end's beginning.They were entwined as husband and wife, at least in Zuko's plan for the future.Who I am from the start/take me home to my heart."I have to find him, Sokka. It's not home without him."Let me go/and I will run.'I will not be silent.Nobody could shut him out. Especially her.All this time spent in vain/wasted years wasted gain."All those years you spent looking for Aang. And your father still doesn't want you?""Shut up.""What a waste of time for you."All is lost/but hope remains.Zuko hoped. Dreamed. Prayed that she would understand what he had to do.And this war's not over.'There's a light/there's a sun.She was the sunlight illuminating his dark soul.Taking all the shattered ones.Their souls were the same. Shattered, torn, scarred.To the place we belong.'And his love will conquer all."I love you, Katara.""Why'd you do it, Zuko?""Take the lightning? Because I knew if I didn't, I'd lose the half of my soul that's yours."Yesterday I died/tomorrow's bleeding.Sacrifices were understandable. She just couldn't see why he had to be one of them.Fall into your sunlight.There sat a Waterbender, weeping softly over the still-warm body of her Fire Nation angel.The sun was rising.

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