Come on, slam me down.

Sokka couldn't believe it. Katara just loved making things worse. It wasn't like anyone got hurt.

Through the table, to the ground.

Zuko shot a flame at the ground. Everyone trusts you now? I was the first person to trust you, remember?

"Hey Zuko."

Say you'll go, say you'll leave."If you don't want me here, say so. I'll go as far away as possible." "Katara doesn't, but everyone else does."

Nothing here for you but me .Zuko couldn't understand. He was feeling something for the boy, something he only felt with Mai. He felt like the only person tying him to the world was the wolf-tailed, plan-making Water Tribe peasant.

Take my hand, I'm holding out.

Sokka grabbed Zuko's arm and pulled him onto the gondola.

Through it all, won't let you down.

"Come on!"

Come away with me.

That was the first night Zuko dreamed of running with Sokka, away from the war.

Come away.'

Come away with me.

"My dad was captured."

Come away.

''''Radio over my head.

Sokka wanted to talk to him, tell him how much it mattered that he was here. How much he loved those golden eyes, that devilish spirit.

Under your window.

Zuko waited outside the boy's tent, thinking over what he would say.

Lay it on again.

'Take my hand, I'm holding out.

"Sokka, I love you.

"Through it all, won't let you down.

"I love you too, Zuko."

Come away with me

''Come away.

'Come away with me.

"I'm glad you could come with me, Zuko."

Come away.'

So tired of running circles all around and round myself.

"Sokka, how could you?"

"It's not what you think, Katara. I don't love him."

Can't you see that if we stay here, we're just lying to ourselves.

Sokka, I'm sorry it has to be this way, but I can't stay here. After what I heard, I don't think this can go on.I love you, but I will not lie to myself.''''- Zuko.

Take my hand, I'm holding out.

'Through it all, won't let you down.

Sokka found the note on his sleeping bag, read it, and cried with anger. Anger at himself, anger at Katara, anger at the fact he let the one person he loved slip away.

Away with me.

''''Come away.

Zuko woke up, startled that someone else was here. Then he saw Sokka.

Come away with me.

"Please listen. I never meant anything I said to Katara. But I meant everything I said to you."

Come away.

Zuko stood up, closed the distance between him and the boy, and kissed him so fiercely that Sokka was shocked.

"I forgive you, Sokka. And I love you."

Sokka smiled."I love you too, Zuko."

(lyrics are Come away with me by Nini Camps. I do not own any of the lyrics or characters, just this idea.)

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