What truth there is left? What hope might still live?What was left between them, except the secrets of what they would never reveal? Or the hope that someday the tough, sarcastic bender would be his?I think I can feel it. I think I believe it.Toph could feel the stares. Everyone thought that the earthbender and warrior's romance was unconventional. Everyone believed it, at least.What love might have lived/what heart might still beat."Hey Snoozles?""Yeah?""Have you ever thought about losing someone you love?""Yeah, and I've watched her heart beat every day."I think I can feel it/I think I believe it.Sokka believed in love at first sight. He certainly felt it, as he lay here with his blind bandit in his arms.Gone is the darkness that I once called my home.Toph Bei Fong called the darkness her home, but with no darkness there was no home.Or have I become it/am I still alone?"Hey Sokka, am I always going to be alone?"Gone is the fear/or at least so it may seem.The only thing he was afraid of was his answers to the questions of love.Is this the one of which I know"Toph, I will not under any circumstances let you go."I cannot dream.Dreams were nightmares.

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