You don't feel the pain.

Katara didn't feel the gash on her arm. There was no pain there.

Too much is not enough.

Zuko couldn't look at her enough.

Nobody said this stuff makes any sense.

We're hooked again.

Aang didn't understand it. Katara and Zuko were enemies from the moment they met.

But they didn't act like it sometimes.

Zuko was hooked on her, and Katara on him.

The point of no return.

"You betrayed me! You used my own memories against me, Zuko!"

See how the buildings burn.

Aang had to get to the fire. The entire Western Air Temple was in flames.

Light up the night.

Such pretty sight.

Backlit by flames, the anger on Katara's face was frighteningly beautiful, yet impossibly scary.

Adrenaline keeps me in the game.

Aang's heart wouldn't stop pumping, his adrenaline was the only thing keeping him alive.

Adrenaline, you don't even feel the pain.

Was he burning? Bleeding? He couldn't feel anything anymore. His own fire had numbed the pain.

Wilder than your wildest dreams.

Katara kept picturing it. Zuko, his eyes peering into the darkness for any sign of danger. It gave her a sort of thrill to see it.

When you're going to extremes.

Using all four elements, Aang demolished what was left of the Western Air Temple, tears streaming down his face in the process.

It takes adrenaline.

Wall after wall of water and fire met in the middle. The twisted dance was just beginning, and the two former lovers were already exhausted.

Sail through an empty night, it's only you and I who understand.

"I knew you wouldn't understand." And he didn't. But Zuko did.

Losing a mother was something personal, something you could only get if you had the same experience.

There is no plan.

"Katara, do you even have a plan? Or are you just going to unleash your anger on him?"

There wasn't a plan. Zuko knew that, and she knew it, but it didn't even matter anymore.

Get closer to the thrill.

Only time will kill.

Did time really heal all wounds? Aang didn't think so. It just made everything worse.

What's in your eyes.

Is so alive.

Katara's eyes were filled with tears.

"Why'd you do it, Zuko?"

Adrenaline keeps me in the game.

Adrenaline you don't even feel the pain.

This was the Agni Kai he'd been waiting for. Just him and Azula, in the showdown of their lives.

Wilder than your wildest dreams.

All of Katara's memories of Aang rushed through her mind as soon as the lightning started coming closer. She loved him. But she loved Zuko too.

When you're going to extremes.

Blast after blast, miss after miss. Aang wanted to give in so badly.

It takes adrenaline.

"No!" Zuko dove in front of Katara and took Azula's killing strike.

Run through the speed of sound

Aang ran faster than the wind he unleashed.

Everything slows you down.

But it wasn't enough.

And all the colors that surround you/are bleeding to the walls.

Torrents of water and blue fire lit the sky, telling everyone just what was going on in the center of the Fire Nation.

All the things you really need.

Just wait to find the speed.

She needed more time, or a second to think, or a way to help Zuko.

Katara needed a plan.

Then you will achieve

"This is for Zuko!" And then anger incarnate unleashed itself on the princess of the Fire Nation.

Escape velocity.

Aang thought of her, his waterbender, as he released a catastrophic wave of earth, water, fire, and air on the man who had destroyed his life.

Too much is not enough

Katara kept hitting Azula with waves of water, anger, and revenge, that primal scream of Zuko on her lips.

Nobody gave it up.

Zuko didn't want to give up, to quit fighting. He needed to be there for Katara.

I'm not the kind/to lay down and die.

Katara knew when to keep fighting. Aang knew he couldn't leave Ozai with his bending intact and help her.

Adrenaline keeps me in the game.

He had to get up, or all he had done wouldn't matter.

Adrenaline you don't even feel the pain.

The scar Aang had gotten from Azula had locked his Avatar State, but with the blast of fire, he shot backwards into the rock that had pushed itself into the mark, unlocking the power he needed.

Wilder than your wildest dreams.

"Katara." It came out weakly, but filled with worry for her. Zuko was actually worried.

When you're going to extremes.

It takes adrenaline.

With the power of all past Avatars, Aang trapped the Fire Lord and stole his bending.

Adrenaline screaming out your name.

"For Zuko!"

Adrenaline you don't even feel the pain.

Katara was bleeding and didn't know it, so absorbed by rage that everything else went unnoticed.

Wilder than your wildest dreams.

He hoped she loved him. Hoped that she knew he saved the world for her.

When you're going to extremes.

Azula was chained to the grate. It was over at last.

It takes adrenaline.

You don't even feel the pain.

Aang felt nothing. Not the wounds and cuts on his body, or the ache in his back.

You don't even feel the pain.

Zuko couldn't feel anything anymore. Am I dying?

I'm going to extremes.

There's nothing in between.

There was nothing to keep them apart. Not a war, not another love, not anything to separate them.

Where I wanna be.

He wanted to be with her, holding her, telling her the war was over, that he had defeated Ozai himself.

You don't even feel the pain.

But the only pain Aang felt was his own heart breaking.

Because Katara was no longer his.

(lyrics are Adrenaline, artist is Bush. I own only the idea of writing this fanfic. and also a buck fifty.)

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