I admit, I was somewhat disappointed by the season finale. It's still quite epic, but just not as epic as I'd hoped. It's not really the creators' fault though, as they only had 10 episodes to build up the hype. Considering the limited episodes they were given to work with, they did a great job. It's like telling someone to bake a cake in 10 minutes. You know the result will be a bit rushed. Here's what I think was great (and terrible) about the finale.




I hated Asami in the beginning, because I was a Makorra shipper. But after all of Mako jerk behaviour I have really grown to admire Asami. Despite her father being an Equalist, despite Mako cheating on her, she still sides with the avatar. It just shows that she has a very strong sense of morality and won't let anything change her view, no matter what happens to her personal life. I hope she remains this way in season 2, because she ain't gonna be happy when she finds out Korra and Mako kissed in the end. And I hope Mako dies...jk, but seriously, someone needs to hit that guy. Maybe Iroh perhaps?

Amon revealed!

Yeah, he was hot without his mask :D and my, what a strong bender he was! Also, does anyone think that the infant Amon/Noatak sounded exactly like Aang? Do they have the same voice actor?

Tarrlok does a Zuko

Aww, it was so sweet when he apologised to Korra for all he had done. My hat's off to you, sir.

Amon cries

Well, he just shed a tear. BUT IT WAS SO TOUCHING TT.TT

Korra airbends/avatar state

Now, finally, she can connect to all her past Avatar lives. Hopefully in the next season she can channel specific avatars. I wanna see Yangchen or Aang get channeled.


Mako an a**hole. If he really loves Korra as he claimed by the end, then JUST BREAK UP WITH ASAMI. Why are you even stringing her along? Why give her false hope (telling her that you really care) and then chasing after Korra and kissing the avatar? Stop playing around and settle down with ONE girl. It's obvious you like Korra more so why don't you just break the news to Asami you spineless coward? I used to ship Makorra, but his character has degraded so much that I don't ship him with anyone. Makorra may be the new Kataang in that it's the cannon ship, but it's NOTHING compared to Kataang. Aang didn't string along Katara, he didn't date one girl and kiss another. Get your act together and make up your mind.

Amon is an idiot

Did someone hit this guy over the head with a frying pan? Amon used to be so clever and sly. When Korra knocked him into the water he made a huge whirlpool and got out of the water. Seriously? You knew your supporters were on the shores, why didn't you, oh I don't know, quietly use waterbending to wim to another part of the city, reapply your makeup and make you way back. Very impressive waterbending though, reminded me of Pakku's waterspout in TLA.

Iroh is useless

As general of the united forces,he managed to lose his entire fleet to Equalists. Nice work there son of the firelord/lady. And by the way, what happened to those troops?

No super avatar state KO

I wanted to see Korra in avatar state kick some equalist butt.

No Zuko

I find the lack of Zuko disturbing. If old Katara appears, why not old Zuko? :(

Makorra ending

Unnecessary and awful. Mako is a jerk, playing with two girls. Why does Korra even like him?

Mako, Mako, and more Mako

I dislike this guy intensely.

Will probably have more when I go back and rewatch it.

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