it has to be yakone. tarlokk said that 40 years ago aang took him down. aang was 12 when the show begain.the show tok is 70 ytears later. aang would be 82. 82-40+= 42 thats how old aang was when e took down yukone. yukone was ethir 10 years yonger than aang or 10 yeasr older. im gessing amon was a bender but aang did some energy bending and took his bending away. yukone's parents where proboly killed by a fire bender at aangs age or younger he was proboly alive when the fire benders where at war. im gussing their is something that energybending does to the victom(gives them the ability to takebending away) the fire loard could not expiriance this(jail) but that makes amon 70-90 years old. avater kyoshi satryed alive 200 years. iroh kicked but in his 70s or 80s. the low voice the tan skin. amons bending was taken away and found out to takebending away and saw no more need for bending. if aang was 42 aang wasnt dead yet. amon couldnt be seen so he wore a mask sheilding himself. or aang firebent his face then need a mask.

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