As you might know the first 2 episodes of tlok was relesed, you got to meet some new charictars. not all of them where in the first 2 episodes but you know who will kick whose butt. so who do think will whip some bad guy butt( or good guy butt?)

let me evaluate the harictars personalits for you:

korra: strong, agile, definatly not spirital

mako: smart, lone, quick minded

bolin: self-centerd (in a less then sokka sort of way), thinks strong of him self, smart ( again like sokka's mind)

tenzin: calm and collected, simple and light, not really sure if he is strong but i do think there will be some kick butt moment where tenzin steps in.

metal bending chief be fong: we have seen very little of her but we know shes got a little attitude, we all know shes going to whip someone somewhere.

katara: we all know she kicks butt, but in her condition she will most likely crack something( who knows, shes about uncle irohs age o.0.)

tenzins kids: can always dream


well thats it but these are the short definitions we get out of the first 2 episodes but dont forget to include the characters that where not in the episodes:



the non-benders (forgot there names)

and more!

awnser as a coment below

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