(many typos)

immmmmm baaaack! ive had my head stuck in the marvel universe for a cupple months and i feel like im loesing my love for avatar........but lets get to the point... I WONT. but just incase i do im hangin around here 4 a while, seenin my ol avatar wiki friends 

now to the point of the subject i brought u here for, WHAT SUPER HEROS DO THE CHARICTERS FROM LEGEND OF KORRA HAVE????? as though u guys can write your ideas down in the pritty little coment box made for your lesure :D

korra: cpatian amarica. she often uses water as a defence. even more spacific, ice, even more spacific like a sheild. and come on.....COLORS.......BLUE

mako: gambit. gambit isnt a very known charicter but he sort of looks like mako and gambits playing cards that he kills people with ressemble makos fire.

bolin: i think bolin is...well i cant spell his name becuse im a derp but it sounds like co-los-o-lece. but they bolth are strong people when they want to be and they bolth constantly brake rocks.

asami: black widow. bolth use technologicly weird things by their hands. and they fight pritty much the same way

lin: spider man. u all know y :D

tenzin: nick fury. brought korra into the wonderful world of fighting like how nick fury did the same with cap amrica

amon: u tell me i cant think of nothen

well thats for all but dont forget to leave your opinion below.

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