i have seen to much hate on the legend of korra! even the smallest of things like it was rushed and the lage gap between atla and lok. becuase of this i had decided to do something no boady has done yet. THE RESONS THE LEGEND OF KORRA WENT RIGHT! now me personaly hvae to agree on some of hater comments like it was rushed but litsin, bryke works sooooo hard on these things and these things take time. the music, the art it all takes time! they started a while ago on tlok. i remember when i was 11 in 2010, the pic of korra on top of the tower was relesed. now at the time i was still coming to love avatar. that shows how long this has been in prosess. 2 years already! but like you care let me get to the point!

the charictars

now every one said that the charictars were not built up as well. poop you! whats missing! now lets compare here!

korra: master of elements at an early age. wasnt very good conecting speirtuly. only daughter of 2. great freinds with katara. never goes down with out a fight. had been watched by the white lotius scence descoverd. best friends naga, bolin, mako, asami. tenzin trained her in the art of airbending. 17 years old in seires. reveld amons identity and stoped him

aang: was told avatar at age 12. pacafist. learned from the munks. has a bison appa. learned the elements in one year. has many freinds. got arrow for creating the air scooter. hatched from ice bubble. first learned waterbending. constanlty gided by roku. travled with 5 friends by end of war. stoped ozi.

all i could come up with comment if ou have any more lol. but still. korra had as much charictar as aang. *turns and wispers* oooo crud what am i doing.

media within the media

by this i mean music and art. now i love the music. my god i want to buy it and support these hard working people. i love the art to. a common question for tlok is why was the show rushed and why did it ake forever to get the legend of korra to make it to are tvs and it be 12 episodes. well litsin bryke and his crew work sooooo hard on the show. i thought it was great and the wait was worth every second of the show. after the show i cried or laughed or asked my self the question: is it saturday yet or i falll on the floor and do all at once. and one thing that makes me feel beter is going online and look up the music from the show and listin to all day. or i would study how the charictars are drwn and draw like them (i just drew amon, mako, meelo, and tenzin :D) but i hear the setting was bad to. *eye twichs*. republic city is a butiful place and i loved the setting from the start, but i relized people wernt used to going from lighting torches to electricity in the avatar world.


people say the bending wasnt as good. stupid people! the bending was great! one reson was korra depended on firbending to much. i agree but in some situations she doesnt have any other sorce. aang was hevey on air becuse he could get the sorce from any where! korra couldnt bend air at times becuse she didnt know. people say its to street. its street only becuse fighting changed over the years. diffrent styles where used and as the first season of avatar didnt have master benders neither did tlok. but this will change over the sesons.

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